Adopted by Council on March 2, 2002

Our unifying purpose is to glorify our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, by supporting the implementation of the Great Commission (Matt 28: 19-20). Particularly, we take up the call to mobilize the member churches of the Annapolis-Digby United Baptist Association for creative service. As a catalyst, the Association will become a gathering point where each church is challenged to reach its kingdom potential. This challenge will come through:

1. meaningful worship experiences
2. encouragement-forming fellowship
3. relevant, inspiring knowledge
4. service with mission impact; and
5. focused leadership

Expanding the Vision:

Effective disciples need opportunities to grow. The above vision speaks to the Association having a role in assisting the development of ministry within and beyond the scope of the local church. These are the five areas in which disciples can participate:


Our vision is churches of the Annapolis-Digby Association coming together to praise our great God in love and adoration: a worship experience that will embrace all generations and employ the gifts of disciples in stirring God’s people to rejoice in His Son, the Lord Jesus.


Our vision is to hear the joy of God’s family as disciples meet together and share what it is to be the church. A growing appreciation of fellowship deepens our attachment for one another and creates prayer awareness.


Our vision is disciples gaining the knowledge base to put in motion dynamic dreams of ministry. Linking Association churches to creative individuals and effective models will demonstrate the “how to” of being relevant to our society. Special training events will allow disciples to explore new ways of being the church and in being more effective in current ministries.


Our vision is disciples reaching out to the non-churched across the generations throughout the communities of our Association. Through new initiatives in evangelism and missions at home and beyond, among youth and young families, a renewed ownership of Association will be demonstrated by pastors and laity.


Our vision is a percolating forum on the nature and development of ministry, where disciples contribute to the leadership core; the Council. Strategic planning will target resources for vision priorities. The Moderator and Executive will keep Council aware of Convention initiatives. Through communication tools, anticipation for Association events will be encouraged. Development of future leadership is a key task in which to participate.