1. The Host Church provides child care and a nursery if notified by the Council or other churches in advance of the meeting date of such a need.

2. The Host Church is responsible for an organist for hymns for the Saturday program for the General Meeting, the WMS Meeting, and the Sunday Night Rally Service. The Association WMS will arrange with the host church WMS if there is to be special music during the WMS program time.

3. The Host Church will provide ushers for taking up the offering for the Association in the afternoon, the offering at the Rally service on Sunday evening, and the morning offering for the WMS, unless the host WMS wishes to provide their own Ushers.

4. The menu of the noon meal is left up to the Host church, with the price negotiable. We try to keep the price of a cold or light lunch between $4 and $5, and a hot dinner between $5 and $6. The clerk will provide tickets to sell at registration for the dinner, unless the Host Church notifies the clerk that they wish to provide their own tickets.

5. Registration is done by designated members of the Host Church, so a large table with room for several registration sheets, is necessary. A separate table for the purchase of lunch tickets eliminates congestion while registering. All materials such as pens, registration sheets, Annual Booklets and name tags are provided by the Association and brought by the clerk to the church. The supplying of coffee, tea, juice and muffins at registration is left up to the Host Church.

6. The Host Church provides facilities for the WMS and Elective programs, but in smaller churches, if it should be necessary to use community facilities, a small rental fee will be covered by the Association.

7. The Association provides envelopes for offerings, the bulletins for the Sunday Rally Service. Costs incurred for speakers and any Honoraria are paid by the Association. In the case of active missionaries, the honoraria is paid to Canadian Baptist Ministries on behalf of the missionary.

8. The programs for the Association meetings are planned jointly by the Council Program Planning Committee, which is made up of the Past-Moderator as Chair, heads of the Commissions, Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Clerk, and the President, Vice-President and Secretary of the WMS. As well, we meet with the Pastor of the Host Church so that the Church is aware of the planning which is being done, and the role of the church in the execution of those plans.

9. The Sunday Evening Rally Service is usually held at 7:30 pm. A fellowship time may be held after the Rally Service, but this is entirely up to the Host Church.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Clerk or Moderator.